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blog animali from Italy

 blog animali from Italy


BEPUPPY è il miglior blog per animali domestici che abbia mai visto. All'interno del pet blog di bepuppy troverete tantissime informazioni utili riguardo ai nostri amici a quattro zampe. Tutto sui cani: addestramento cani, razze di cani, alimentazione del cane e altre curiosità. Non solo, troverete tante informazioni anche sui gatti, come l’educazione e l’alimentazione del gatto, l’elenco delle razze di gatti più conosciute e tanti altri consigli per i nostri amici. Inoltre il pet blog BEPUPPY affronta anche diverse tematiche riguardo altri animali domestici come i bellissimi conigli nani. BEPUPPY è anche un vero pet social network, potrete iscrivere il vostro animale domestico e condividere foto e video dei momenti più belli trascorsi con lui. Vi aspettiamo su BEPUPPY, the best pet social network.

pet blog animali

Your Pets


Are you worried that the pets might give infection, allergies and diseases for you along with your children? Being a animal owner, pet hygiene is not something you can take lightly. You ought to be experienced in pets and pet hygiene. This can be the best opportunity for you to definitely maintain family totally free of infections, diseases and allergies.


Today, almost all of homes own a pet (or pets). Dogs and cats being most preferred choice. And just like humans, pets are susceptible to infections, allergies and diseases. Otherwise well taken care, they may be more inclined than ever before to pass these infection or disease along with other pets in order to humans.


How Infections Are distributed


The most frequent ways that these infections and diseases are forwarded to humans is through bites, contaminated water, food, or utensils and usually the pet's feces. Like a dog owner, you have to be very keen when handling your pets. Cleanup once they pee or poo, make sure that they cannot are exposed to your food, water or utensils and wash both your hands with soap and flowing water after handling them.

animali bepuppy pet

Common Pets' Diseases And How To Avoid


Animals are inclined to fungal infections; infection that affects skin. This infection could be easily offered from your pets to humans working closely for many years.


Would you also know that cat and dog poo could be dangerous if not handled carefully? The fact is cat feces create a disease called toxoplasmosis. This condition is quite fatal specifically for pregnant mothers. Dogs on the other hand, are given to disease (toxocariasis) that if ignored could possibly be given to humans causing blindness.


To avoid these and other health hazards, as a animal owner, you may want to start potty training your pets. Pets use a strong cognitive ability and are easy to train. Useful to you in the event you possess a dog or possibly a cat. These are the easiest to practice.


It's also wise to make sure that the pets live in a clean environment. If you have the pet (or pets) at home together with you, you have to be more wary of hygiene. For example, pets won't wash themselves. It is your responsibility to completely clean them on a regular basis if at all possible, particularly if the pets like close contact with your kids.


As a final point, your kitchen should be a pet-free area. Keep pets from your food, plus your water. Instead, have a very specific area for them to get their meals, outside the kitchen as well as the diner.

Running a pet is fun and cool, yes, however it is not as simple as many people might assume. It takes lots of time and energy. Don't worry though, there are a selection of books and eBooks about pets and pet care, that has to be helpful to you.

Post by domesticipetsblog5 (2016-07-26 13:04)

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